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About Us

Who We Are

We are singers, composers, arrangers with over 10 years of experience. We are from many countries, on many studios.

What We Do

We create jingles, background music, theme music, intro & outro music, Film background score, Mix & master of the audio, noise reduction, dubbing in different languages and recording.

Why Choose Us

We select musicians and producers collaborate carefully, aligned for specific tasks. We consider very important the qualification and musical background of our colleagues.We use newly recorded work for each project, or we use exclusively samples pre-recorded by ourselves.

Our Services

Music Transcription

you provide a song and we'll replicate it as close as possible to the original. Useful for videoke, backing tracks, play-alongs.

Music Composition

We can adapt to different styles of music, primarily for video games.

Audio Editing

We can make seamless edits out of existing audio files, mix audio, master audio.

Note Engraving

We can make basic music sheets for beginners.

Video editing

Explainer video, transitions, compilation, syncing with music and audio.

Content Development

Advices and reviewing existing files, ideas or help you make new ideas.


Help you boost your video or music popular.

Video & Photography

We can make video and audio from photos.

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11號 Kwong Lee Rd,Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong

[email protected]